stem cells

Innovation Scientists Create Tiny Human Livers From Stem Cells

Promising results from Japanese research into creating three-dimensional body parts.

Design Stem Cell Art & Bridging Community And Students Through Art [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archives we uncover a presentation on graphic images created from single organisms.

Retail Anti-Aging Skincream Personalized With Your Own Stem Cells

Personal Cell Sciences say that their skincare range contains unique regenerative power.

Innovation Medical Gun Sprays Skin Cells On Burns, Heals In Days

The skin gun is a new device that uses stem cells to treat a burn victim more effectively.

Advertising Stem Cell Injection Bulks Up Injured Mice, Slows Their Aging Process

An experiment on injured mice produced an unexpected and exciting result.

Innovation Researchers Transform Skin Cells into Blood Cells (Video)

Scientists at McMaster University have made history with a process that could supersede the use of some stem cell transplants.

Advertising Using Reprogrammed Stem Cells To Repair Damaged Hearts

New strategy using stem cells for regenerative health

Technology Bioprinting Blood Vessels On Demand

A bio-medical printing method can pave the way for printing tissues and organs in the future.