Advertising Nike's New Shoes Come With Stencils So Wearers Can Customize Them However They Want

Nike has launched a new pair of sports footwear that gives wearers the option to color in the swoosh themselves

Design Imaginative Shadow Art Brings A City's Objects To Life

Artist Damon Belanger gave regular objects in downtown Redwood City cleverly placed shadows to make them look like other things

Design Augmented Reality Stencils Allow Artists To Cover Large Surfaces

An app on Google's AR platform Tango helps users paint and draw large-scale work

Technology Tablet Uploads Digital Sketches In Real Time

The Slate from iSKN gives artists the feeling of hand-drawn pieces with the convenience of digital manipulation

Technology Digital Stencil Provides Customizable Easel For Architects

A new app allows designers to bring real life inspiration to their blueprints

Work Incognito Briefcase Lets Graffiti Artists Work Without Getting Caught [Video]

Bob Partington uses a hidden compartment in his case to secretly tag the streets of NYC.

Design Breakdancing Street Art Comes To Life When Viewed At Night [Video]

Street artist ABOVE placed a stencil of an upside-down balancing man on a wall in London.

Advertising Crowdsourced Street Art Stencils New Yorkers' Ideas On The Ground

Art group collaborate with local citizens to spread positives messages in a one-of-a-kind project.

Advertising Artist ‘Paints’ With Marijuana Smoke

In an unusual twist of protest-inspired art, a Brazilian artist paints compelling images using the smoke puffed from the illegal substance.

Luxury Artist Creates Intricate Rust Portraits Of Luxury Cars

Bo Lundvang is using pieces of oxidized metal to create stencil designs of his favorite automobiles.

Home Shepard Fairey's New Project Celebrates Album Art

The limited edition REVOLUTIONS box feature designs from the artist's latest exhibition.

Work Creative Inspiration From China

NeochaEDGE, a web-magazine dedicated to celebrating Chinese creativity, presents recent work from Chinese artists.

Work (Pics) Stencils Create Miniature Abandoned Neighborhood

The latest work from German street artist EVOL uses layered stencils to create the illusion of an abandoned cityscape.