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Advertising AI Picks Out The Most Influential People In Stock-Like Market

Companies can now use an algorithm to know the importance of an influential marketer and assign them a stock price

Consumer Goods NBA Owner Creates Online "Stock Market For Sneakers"

StockX relies on supply and demand to adjust real-time pricing for the booming resale industry

Design Laser Beams Help Stock Traders Do Rapid-Fire Business

Light beams mounted on the tops of buildings could soon carry messages about rising and falling prices.

Technology Zuckerberg Sells $1.1 Billion Of Facebook Stock To Pay Taxes [Headlines]

Facebook founder unloads 30.2 million shares at $37.58 a share.

Netflix Stock Falls After Change In Pricing [Headlines]

Negative reactions to Netflix's recent price changes resulted in many users canceling subscriptions, causing their stock to drop nearly 15%.

Technology Kevin Slavin On How Algorithms Shape Our World [Video]

The chairman and co-founder of Area/Code examines the prevalence of algorithms in our day-to-day lives and how they could change our future.

Luxury World's First Twitter-Led Hedge Fund Opens

London-based investment boutique Derwent Capital Markets are claiming to have created Europe's first social media-based hedge fund.

Technology What The Speed Of Light Means For Future Stock Markets

Communication technologies often dictate the geographical layouts of financial markets, but future developments may result in a radical realignment.

Advertising Do Believe The Hype: 50 Cent's Tweets Influence Stock Market

Yesterday, the rapper and entrepreneur made a penny stock soar by tweeting up a storm.

Technology Using Twitter To Predict The Future

Recent experiments show how chatter on the microblogging site can be used to detect future changes in the stock market.

Technology Sentigo: Live Media Tracking And Sentiment Scoring

An interesting new stock research and financial monitoring tool offers a real time view of the prevailing attitudes about companies.

Advertising Monocolumn: Too Blasé In Face Of Rabid North?

What will be the larger result of the current conflict between North and South Korea?