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Analysis Interview: How Reselling Platform StockX Is Democratizing The Streetwear Drop

PSFK speaks to the founder of the ecommerce IPO platform that lets bidders decide the price for resale and drops of exclusive streetwear merchandise, reinventing the concept by treating consumer goods as assets

Automotive Interview: How Rally Rd. Is Reinventing Car Investment For A Sharing Economy

The auto investment platform's co-founder Rob Petrozzo speaks to PSFK about investment equity where it concerns classic cars and other high-ticket items, as well as why the future car experience will be about sharing, not owning

Fashion & Apparel StockX Ecommerce IPO Lets Customers Decide Price For Shoe Drop

StockX and Ben Baller teamed up to enable the world’s first e-commerce IPO, releasing 800 exclusive new “Ben Baller Did The Chain” slides via blind auction to let consumers' bids determine price

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Overstock Sells Ecommerce Business To Focus On Blockchain Investment

The company's founder intends to sell the entire retail business and focus on investments in blockchain technology and startups

Retail How Small Retailers Are Dealing With The 'Amazon Effect'

Analysts say local competitors in Australia are as profitable as before the global giant’s ‘underwhelming’ launch—but for how much longer?

Food & Beverage This Brewery Is Funding Expansion With A Deliberately Punk Attitude

BrewDog, a craft beer trailblazer, is building a hotel in Ohio and plans a push into China

Technology Blockchain Company Is Working To Build A Digital Stock Market

Blockchain Capital plans to release their own digital token that investors can purchase to invest in startup companies

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services An AI Hedge Fund Is Trying To Make Wall Street More Open Source

The software wants to reshape the way we trade digital currency, one that promotes collaboration rather than individual gains

Advertising AI Picks Out The Most Influential People In Stock-Like Market

Companies can now use an algorithm to know the importance of an influential marketer and assign them a stock price

Consumer Goods NBA Owner Creates Online "Stock Market For Sneakers"

StockX relies on supply and demand to adjust real-time pricing for the booming resale industry

Design Laser Beams Help Stock Traders Do Rapid-Fire Business

Light beams mounted on the tops of buildings could soon carry messages about rising and falling prices.

Technology Zuckerberg Sells $1.1 Billion Of Facebook Stock To Pay Taxes [Headlines]

Facebook founder unloads 30.2 million shares at $37.58 a share.

Netflix Stock Falls After Change In Pricing [Headlines]

Negative reactions to Netflix's recent price changes resulted in many users canceling subscriptions, causing their stock to drop nearly 15%.

Technology Kevin Slavin On How Algorithms Shape Our World [Video]

The chairman and co-founder of Area/Code examines the prevalence of algorithms in our day-to-day lives and how they could change our future.