Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Meet The AI Who Wants To Replace Hedge Funds

EmmaAI is a new fund automated through advanced machine learning to help make intelligent bets on the market

Innovation How Athlete IPO’s Will Change The Face Of Sports Management

Fantex introduces stock options on your most admired professional athlete.

Advertising The Wall Street Journal Targets 1% With New Magazine

The WSJ. Money extension of the weekend edition Magazine will serve as a personal finance guide for the wealthy.

Syndicated Springwise: Site Lets Users Monetize Twitter By 'Investing' In Various Accounts

Russian platform Twistock treats Twitter users like stocks that can be bought and sold.

Design 16 Stories You Need To Know Today

Disney serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, Americans spending most internet time on Facebook, and Google Maps track our summer vactions...Links to start your day with.

Advertising Apple Is Now The Most Valuable Company In History [Headlines]

The company has nearly doubled in worth from its $346.74 billion valuation last year.

Technology Did Twitter Steal "Cashtags"? [Headlines]

The new hashtag that lets Twitter users search company stock results launched yesterday, but StockTwits CEO claims the company "hijacked" the functionality from the competitor's site.

Syndicated Edelman Digital: How Can We Use Trust As A Business Tool?

Businesses need to view success in a more holistic light, highlighting the importance of the bigger picture in order to attract new customers.

Luxury World's First Twitter-Led Hedge Fund Opens

London-based investment boutique Derwent Capital Markets are claiming to have created Europe's first social media-based hedge fund.

Advertising Buy A Beer And Own Part Of The Company

For a limited, one-time offer that continues through the end of this month, consumers need only purchase between one and 50 cartons of Broo online to be entitled to 10 free shares in the company.

Design Brand Energy Part One: A New Way Of Understanding The Reality Of Brands

Chris Harrison explores the recent discovery of a precise mathematical formula for brand energy.

Technology Using Twitter To Predict The Future

Recent experiments show how chatter on the microblogging site can be used to detect future changes in the stock market.

Technology Sentigo: Live Media Tracking And Sentiment Scoring

An interesting new stock research and financial monitoring tool offers a real time view of the prevailing attitudes about companies.

Retail The Proliferation Of The Facebook Like Button

The tool to share your preferences and desires with your social network continues to pop up in even more locations on the web.