Design Biodegradable Furniture Made From Pine Needles Could Be The Next Phase Of Sustainable Living

Premiering at Dutch Design Week 2016, the collection fully utilizes an often wasted material

Design Furniture Collection Inspired By The Wooly Mammoth [Pics]

Haas brothers use the various physical aspects of the now extinct creature to influence a line of pieces.

Design Tall-Boy Fold Out Into Table & Chairs

The Quad Micro Bar is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can reveal one to four seats from within the central table.

Technology Chainsaw Robot Carves Furniture Out Of A Wooden Log

The robotic arm from designers Tibor Weissmahr and Tom Pawlofsky was programmed to create stools using a single piece of wood.

Home Functional Furniture Set Doubles As A Greenhouse

'Furnibloom' plexiglass table and stools double as transparent portable greenhouses to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Design Alex Garnett's Spray Cap Stools [Pics]

A whimsical creation, these stools are available with different colored nozzles.

Design Flexible Wood Furniture [Pics]

Carolien Laro adds flexibility to her stools using a complex process of cutting and machining the wood in CNCs, creating slits into the wood's surfaces.