stop-motion animation

Advertising Benjamin Moore's Room-Size Stop-Motion Animation Demonstrates The Beauty Of Paint

The project was created for the brand to showcase their new soft touch matte paint

Design Artificial Nails Morph While You Watch

3D printing makes further inroads into the fashion industry with "Transforming" stop-motion flick

Luxury Documentary Aims to Shed Light on LEGO Filmmakers

“Bricks in Motion” will showcase the diverse world of the toy giant's stop-motion animation across North America

Technology Stop Motion Film Animated With Single Drops Of Water [Video]

'Cachoeira' is an animation by Rodrigo EBA! made entirely out of liquid droplets.

Video CGI Bear Is Actually A 3D Printed Animation [Video]

Stop motion made from 50 high-tech individual sculptures.

Design Stop-Motion Lesson Teaches The History Of Fonts [Video]

Designer Ben Barrett-Forrest creates a 5-minute animation called The History of Typography.

Home Starbucks Stop Motion Video Shows The Upside Of Mondays

UK ad tells coffee-drinkers to celebrate the day's historical greatness and offers discounted coffee.

Technology Desktop Tool Teaches Kids Stop-Motion Animation

The Pas a Pas is a simple device with a camera that shines down onto the screen and lets children record and rearrange a series of blocks.

Work Stop Motion Origami Pieces Get Folded & Unfolded [Video]

Sipho Mabona shows the step-by-step process involved in making his works of art.

Design The Power Of Love: A Sculpture In 350,000 Post-Its

Melissa Gallery kicks off their latest shoe collection with a stop motion video comprised solely of Post-It Notes.

Advertising (Video) A One Minute Animation Summarizes The History Of Mankind

Renowned creative artist Sean Pecknold has created a remarkable film for BBC Knowledge.

Advertising (Video) Walls Are Dancing: Matt W. Moore's Paintings Come To Life

The artist's murals are captured live as they are painted and presented as an animation.

Video (Video) Cut Paper Animation By Tilles Singer

Artist Tilles Singer used cut-outs from magazines and digital photos to create a miniature skateboarding film.