Store Expression

Delivery & Logistics Walmart's Personal Shopping Service Sends Suggestions By Text

The concierge service, named Jetblack, aims to streamline the shopping experience for busy urban parents

Fashion & Apparel Fashion Brand's First NYC Location Marshals Data To Enhance The In-Store Experience

After years of hosting pop-ups, women's clothing retailer Cuyana erected a brick-and-mortar flagship space, using all its consumer data to build the perfect store that can compete with e-commerce

Advertising FILA Puts 47-Artist Collaboration At Center Of Reintroductory Pop-Up Shop

The NYC activation marked the brand's first retail experience in the city in nearly 10 years, using the draw of limited edition sneakers to regain its footing in a competitive market

Retail How Brands Are Using Stores As Community Spaces

Brands are reimagining brick-and-mortar with community activations that bring people together for live programming and face-to-face interaction

Cafe & Restaurant Sustainable Bistro Shows How Design Can Reduce Food Waste

The NYC pop-up curated by Finnish designers educated visitors on the possibility of design and food production that conserves and reuses resources while still offering delectable meals

Brand Activation & Immersion How Gallery-Style Store Design Elevates The Brand Experience

Physical retail spaces take cues from the art gallery for layouts that encourage shoppers to explore and interact with products at their own pace

Store Experience & Design How Virtual Test Drives Are Allowing Better Product Trials

AR apps are changing the way people interact with products they're considering for purchase, offering clearer impressions of what the end-result will be while easing the decision-making process

Retail How Visual Search Streams Are Optimizing Online Shopping

From scanning consumers' Pinterest boards to letting them upload their own photos, new image-based methods of searching for items are enhancing the digital retail experience

Store Experience & Design New Google Features Make Online Shopping Offline A Reality

Android features will provide trip planning tools, new conversational capabilities and AR shopping features

Fashion & Apparel Express Broadens The Shopping Experience With Extended Sizing

Express wants to attract more shoppers to physical stores by offering them a comfortable retail experience with extended sizing in every style

Design How Brands Are Upping Their Game Using Olfactory Immersion

Scents are the latest addition to products and services from companies ranging from Cartier to Vaqso, as brands from many different industries aim to enhance the consumer experience

Advertising How To Create Engaging Brand Stories Using The Power of Scent

Scent can be evocative, alluring or even repulsive—and now constitutes a tactic brands are employing in their services as well as in complementing promotional stories about the company

Health How Wellness Brands Are Harnessing The Power Of Scent

Wellness and scent are especially well-suited for one another, which is why brands are creating scent-centric products that promote healthy living

Loyalty & Membership Op-Ed: What To Expect As Cannabis Retail Evolves

Joel Milton, CEO of the cannabis-focused CRM Baker, describes the challenges and opportunities of a burgeoning industry as more U.S. states legalize recreational marijuana