Automotive How Brands Like Volvo Add Meaningful Value To Customers' Lives

Top retailers like Volvo and Alibaba are fostering loyalty by offering services that make them invaluable parts of their customers' lives, launching programs like memberships offering exclusive experiences, rewards and support

Entertainment Netflix Trials A Low-Cost, Mobile-Only Subscription Plan

Netflix is trialling a mobile-only subscription priced at roughly 50% of its typical subscription plan, hoping to sharpen its edge in Asia and other emerging markets where competitors have out-priced the service

Brand Activation & Immersion Spotify Accompanies Album Drop With Dedicated Popup Store

Spotify highlighted the release of a French vocalist's album with a physical pop-up event, made possible by Storefront, offering guests exclusive services and performance from the artist

Fitness & Sport SoulCycle Fans Can Enjoy Branded Concerts, Playlists And Videos On Apple Music

The fitness studio is is extending how it interacts with its members by providing them with content like workout-worthy music and videos to stream on Apple Music, in addition to real-life events like live concerts

Health Spotify Creates Custom Playlists Based On Listeners' DNA

Based on DNA collected from, Spotify will design a personalized playlist featuring artists hailing from same regions as customers' ancestral origins

Merchandising & Curation Pandora Premium Creates Predictive Playlists For Subscribers

To compete with Spotify and Apple Music, Pandora is enhancing its premium membership by adding the capability to curate personalized playlists for listeners that refresh weekly

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Volvo Campaign Offers Shoppers Interactive Advertisements

The Swedish car company is driving sales by giving consumers a chance to interact with its new S90 model straight from their mobile screens

Brand Activation & Immersion How Facebook's Watch Party Feature Can Help Brands Build Engagement With Their Audience

The feature will encourage community activity through shared video streaming sessions, giving viewers the ability to comment simultaneously and explore branded content socially

Retail Walmart May Offer Consumers A Streaming Service To Compete With Amazon and Netflix

The retailer may be expanding into the world of video streaming, competing with established platforms by offering customers low-cost and ad-filled free options through its Vudu subsidiary

Shopper Education & Assistance BBC Sounds Designs Unique Listening Experiences For Every User

In order to stay relevant amongst the likes of YouTube and Spotify, BBC launched an app that brings together its radio content, music and podcasts all in once place, tailored to individual users' listening habits

Advertising Netflix Pop-Up Lets Fans Step Into Their Favorite Shows

The streaming platform created an immersive, Instagram-friendly exhibit with backdrops and props from its most popular shows, providing fans with an engaging experience to help promote its content

Advertising Netflix Complements Streaming Content With A Comic Book Release

The ever-popular streaming service is moving beyond its core product by expanding into the world of publishing after purchasing Mark Millar's comic book company

Gaming & Play eSports Platform Turns Fans Into Content Creators, Generating New Revenue Streams

Quarterback has created a platform that enables fans and streamers to create their own game libraries and cultivate a next generation of talent

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Netflix Has Opened a Pop-Up Hotel So Travelers Can Binge Watch To Their Heart's Content

The streaming network partnered withThree UK to open up a pop-up hotel in the UK with 15 suites themed around popular shows