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Advertising Pandora Lets Listeners Choose And Skip Ads Through Voice

As part of its investment in a consumer ecosystem, the music platform will test interactive commercials that let listeners dictate their ad preferences

Brand Activation & Immersion Walmart May Offer Consumers A Streaming Service To Compete With Amazon and Netflix

The retailer may be expanding into the world of video streaming, competing with established platforms by offering customers low-cost and ad-filled free options through its Vudu subsidiary

Design Netflix Is Personalizing Graphic Design To Individual Viewers

Netflix announced how their algorithm changes artwork based on a viewer's preferences from the past

Entertainment Streaming Service Teaches Viewers Chinese And Korean

Viki's "Learn Mode" makes it easy to stop the show and catch up

Technology BBC's Streaming Service Can Use The Viewer's Voice As A Remote

BBC and Microsoft partnered to see how the iPlayer service might use voice as a controlling mechanism

Advertising Spectrum Introduces A Streaming-Only Cable Package To Convert Back Cord-Cutters

The lightweight service from Charter Communications carries only the essentials

Retail Pandora Has Released Their Own On-Demand Music Service

In a direct challenge to Spotify, listeners can now stream music, create their own playlists and more through the Pandora Premium service

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Swedish Service Matches Commutes To Podcasts

Pendelpoddar helps people find an episode the length of their travel time for perfectly timed entertainment

Children A TV Streaming Service Is Designed Just For Kids

Toca TV is a new platform offering thousands of original and curated children's videos for a monthly subscription fee

Entertainment Now You Can Make Your Own Mixtape With Netflix

Flixtape allows you to curate a series of your favorite shows depending on moods and themes

Retail What Is Amazon's Spotify Killer?

Rumors point to a music streaming service that could rival competitors