street photography

Fashion & Apparel Knitted Garments Serve As Urban Camouflage In This Photo Series

Joseph Ford and Nina Dodd created a series of photographs in which subjects wear hand-knit sweaters that help them blend into the background

Advertising Photographer Uses Volvo's Safety Cameras To Create Exhibition Works

It was the world's first photography show where a car was used as a camera

Work GIF Music Video Animates The Characters Of NYC [Video]

A vintage 3D camera, its work processed digitally, provided the inspiration for a vertigo-inducing video.

Design GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

A new project presents street photography as you’ve never seen it before.

Design Grand Theft Auto Stills Appear As Poetic Street Photography [Pics]

School of Visual Arts student composes artful shots through video game, blurring the line between real and digital.

Photo Series Captures Private Moments In Public Spaces

Michael Cinque's photography series focuses on the moment when people think no one is watching.

Design Composite Street Photographs Of NYC Bring Together Hidden Moments [Pics]

One artist tackles urban alienation by creating composite photos that prove we have things in common.

Advertising The Sartorialist And Garance Dore On Social Media In Fashion

Last night New York-based advertising agency Lume Creative hosted an industry only seminar on social media in fashion featuring two of the biggest names currently in the field.