Design Architects Turned A 17th-Century Chapel Into A Modern Workspace

The Belgian firm Klaarchitectuur used inventive techniques to create modern office and community spaces while preserving the historic building

Design Radically Redesigned Garage Could Help Solve Overcrowding In Cities

This parking garage remains underground until the city experiences heavy rainfall, causing it to rise up from the ground to create a reservoir

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Reconfigurable Hotel Can Adapt To The Needs Of The City Around It

The (W)ego structure shows a future where the occupants should expect to have to interact with their neighbors to get to their room

Health Modern Biohacker Is Enabling Anyone To Experiment With Their DNA

Biohacker Josiah Zayner wants to build a future where humans can modify their own genetics structure

Fashion & Apparel Roundtable: How The Fashion Industry Has Gone Completely Full Circle in 200 Years

To get some crystal ball predictions for what the future of fashion  holds for PSFK's Fashion Debrief, we turned to a handful of experts

Syndicated This Workplace Robot Is Designed Not To Steal Your Job

London startup Automata Technologies is hoping to democratize robotics by installing the technology in workplaces

Technology Designers Can Now 3D Print With Glass

Researchers in Germany have created the first glass material to get used in a 3D printer

Home MINI's Fabric House Concept Explores The Limits Of Low-Impact City Living

Half building, half tent, the Breathe installation explores resource-conscious architecture

Home This Shelter Is A Bed, Chair, Table And A Bag—All In One Handy Box

The Shelter Box from MIA Onlus is made to meet many basic needs for the homeless in a small, affordable package

Design Off-Grid Flat-Packed Houses Can Be Assembled Like A Piece Of Furniture

Leckie Studio has designed two different models of a cabin for those interested in constructing a home on their own

Design Self-Shaping Shelters Could Revolutionize Emergency Housing

A new emergency housing innovation tears down box architecture

Innovation Tulane University Students Upcycle Old Signs

A new use for old signs creates shade for community, credentials for students

Luxury Enter the 'World's Most Pleasant Hospital' Courtesy of Russian Billionaire

Hospital design mimics a luxury yacht inspired by venues like Dubai's Burj Al Arab

Design Pavilion Printed Out Of 3D Sea-Salt Blocks [Pics]

Emerging Objects has created a structure called 'Saltygloo' using locally harvested crystals from the San Francisco Bay.