Technology A Swarm Of 3D Printing Spiders Could Build Your Next Home

These devices are designed to work together to model complex structures

Design MIT Unveils Plans For 4D Printing

The printer would incorporate time as the fourth dimension, with 3D printed structures changing their form when activated.

Design Architects Imagine 3D Printing A Base On The Moon Using Lunar Soil

Foster + Partners have joined up with the European Space Agency to test the feasibility of creating structures on the Moon.

Home Famous Architects Create 'Homes' For Dogs [Pics]

In the ‘Architecture for Dogs’ project, architect Kenya Hara has commissioned designers to create structures for different breeds.

Design Street Artist Turns Cities Into Giant Pieces Of Jewelry [Pics]

Liesbet Bussche's quirky project turns common street structures into charm bracelets and name necklaces.

Design Greenhouse Wireframes Help Urban Plants Grow [Pics]

This project was designed to protect and attract attention to small or unwanted plants outdoors.

Video The Shapes Of Sound: The Dazzled Project [Video]

The Dazzled Project is a trance-inducing attempt at visualizing music structures as formal shapes.