student project

Design A Group Of Students Are Exploring The Future Of Cubicle Living

Using office an office design staple from the 60s, students are exploring new ways to compartmentalize life

Health NYCxDesign: Exhibit Offers Reality Check Of Social Institution Decay

Problems surrounding immigration, medicine and education and other topics are experienced through games and personal interactions

Fashion & Apparel These Acrylic Nails Double As An Oyster Card

A set of false fingernails that contain a transit card microchip allow a rider to enter the tube with just a touch

Technology Cat Car Lets Owners ‘Drive’ Their Feline Friends

Created by Sam Brenner for his final ITP project, the device features a steering wheel that controls a laser pointer for kitties to follow.

Design Angry Birds Slingshot Controller Makes The Game More Physical [Video]

'Super Angry Birds’ is a student project that pairs a tangible slingshot device with a desktop version of the popular game.

Design Futuristic Architecture Project Creates Living Spaces Under The Ice

A student thesis proposes using robots to dig under ice in the North Pole to create new spaces for research and residence.

Advertising Fisherman's Friend App Challenges You To Stay Within 2 Meters Of Your Friends For Four Hours [Video]

The Circle of Friends game is an idea by students from the Institute of Design in Germany.

Retail The Burger King Status Trader: Social Media Space For Sale [Video]

A student project comes up with a new idea for brands to use people's Facebook walls as advertising space.