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Design Filter Polluted Air Just By Riding A Bike

Designer Daan Roosegaarde imagined a unique solution to China's pollution woes

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Smog Free Bike Inhales Pollution And Cleans The Air

Designer Daan Roosegaarde has created a bicycle that actively combats urban pollution issues

Fashion & Apparel Smog Vacuum Turns Pollution Particulates Into Unique Jewelry

A large device was installed in Beijing that sucks up smog and compresses it into small centerpieces atop jewelry

Design Designing Jewelry From Smog for Cleaner Cities

Studio Roosegaarde's Smog Free Project yields cleaner air and a potential new trend in fashion accessories

Home Glowing Crystals Create Interactive Flickering Light Fields

A Dutch design studio has created thousands of flickering crystal tokens that can be rearranged endlessly and prompt participants to think about light outside of the bulb.

Work Motion-Sensitive Orb Illuminates An Archaic Cave [Video]

The Lotus Dome is made out of hundreds of ultra-light aluminum flowers that fold open in response to human movement.

Advertising Business Suit Turns Transparent When Wearer Lies [Video]

Innovator Daan Roosegaarde takes his Intimacy project into the business setting.

Innovation Glow-In-The-Dark Highway Keeps Drivers Safe

Coming to the Netherlands in 2013, this smart highway features dynamic paint and interactive light that lets cars know road conditions.

Syndicated Arts Thread: How Do You Create Art With Sound And Light?

The Kinetica Art Fair hosts the work of artists and designers who are inspired by the latest technologies.

Technology Interactive Dress Becomes Transparent With A Combination Of Technology And Intimacy

Studio Roosegaarde have created a high-tech garment that changes in response to personal encounters.