Advertising Icelandair Passenger Surprised with 48-Hour Layover Food Tour

#MyStopover campaign launches to promote unique experiences in the Nordic nation

Design LG Makes An Elevator Floor 'Disappear' With New Super-Clear Screens [Video]

The brand fitted their monitors into the bottom of the lift and when people entered broadcast an image of an empty elevator shaft below them.

Luxury David Blaine Lets Fans Give Him Electric Shocks For 72 Hours Straight [Video]

Magician and daredevil performs his latest and most electrifying stunt in front of a live audience in NYC.

Advertising Real-World Stunts Performed In Life-Sized Hot Wheels Cars [Video]

Toy car manufacturer attempts a dangerous stunt to set a world record.

Retail Gaga Makes 'Mini-Me' Outfits For Babies

Pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga showcases a line of baby clothes that highlights the best of her eccentric and controversial style.

Advertising IKEA Upgrades Parisian Bus Stops For The Holidays

Till December 21st, the Swedish brand has transformed 12 bus shelters into tiny lounges centered around one of their sofas.

Design (Pics) The Audi Spectacle

The Access Agency has created a spectacular advertising concept for the car maker.