Design Minimal Pencil Is Designed To Last A Lifetime

A designer with a background in aircraft engineering used sleek, sturdy materials to create the ultimate mechanical pencil

Technology Make the World Your Digital Notepad

"Write" on any surface, Phree creates crisp facsimile of one's handwriting on your device

Retail PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Lunatik Styluses

An ergonomic stylus and professionally-oriented one for all ages and contexts

Work Adobe Takes On iPad Sketching With A Stylus Set

Creativity goes mobile with Ink & Slide, hardware designed to make drawing on the iPad more natural and fluid.

Design Digital Pen Syncs Notes To Phone And Tablet [Video]

The new Livescribe 3 digitizes handwritten notes and sends them to an app on your mobile devices.

Technology Tech-Enabled Fake Nails Act As Smartphone Stylus

Nano Nails are artificial fingernails that can be used as a stylus on devices with touchscreen displays.

Advertising PSFK's Best Of Last Week: June 19-26, 2011

The PSFK posts with the best traffic from last week.

Advertising The Finger: The World's First Dual-Grip iPad Stylus [Video]

Kyle Scheele and Shawn Matthews develop an interesting capacitive stylus for the iPad shaped like a human finger.

Retail Scribbly: The Ultimate iStylus

Scribbly is an interesting new gadget for the iPhone or iPad that allows the user to 'scribble,' take notes, draft, draw, and even copy and paste material, similar to a stylus.

Advertising Cosmonaut: The Tablet Stylus Of The Future With A Pay Structure To Match

A new gadget for your tablet makes brainstorming and recording ideas that much easier.

Innovation Microsoft's Gesture-Based Multifunctional Stylus

A recent prototype design becomes different devices as its position in space is changed.

Technology A Handcrafted Paintbrush Stylus For The iPad

Painting and sketching on the iPad will soon be easier with the Nomad Brush.