Beauty Valentines Can Prep For Their Dates At Mars Salon Activation

The confectionary brand is hosting an interactive popup in NYC that offers visitors candy alongside primping services like manicures and blowouts

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Iris Nova Founder On Beverage Innovation And Next-Generation Customer Loyalty

Before taking the stage at PSFK's upcoming Future of Retail Conference on January 16, Iris Nova (comprising brands Dirty Lemon and The Drug Store) founder and CEO Zak Normandin tells PSFK how he is pioneering a new kind of beverage brand built around strong customer relationships, seamless retail technology, and innovative product

Health Start-Up Uses DNA Test To Provide Customers With Personalized Nutrition

Habit's custom nutrition advice aims to help people improve their health and lifestyles using genetic testing, taking into account individuals' metabolism, sensitivities and more to create tailored profiles

Delivery & Logistics Flavored Seltzer Subscription Service Ensures Customers Never Run Out

The U.K.'s Ugly Drinks is offering an alternative to sugary drinks and mineral water with its monthly home delivery, capitalizing on consumer demands for seltzer water and convenience

Food & Beverage Customizable Beverage Allows Consumers To Manage Their Sugar Intake

Kolibri's new drinks store a natural nectar in their bottlecaps, letting consumers adjust the sweetness to their own taste

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Britain's Sugar Tax On Soda Is Now In Effect

The new tax is one method of fighting rising rates of obesity

Advertising Werther's Celebrated National Caramel Day With A Real-Life Candy Land

The brand partnered with Hasbro to create an interactive pop-up based on the famous board game in honor of a confectionary holiday

Cafe & Restaurant Why ‘Craft’ Sparkling Water Is Taking Over The Soft Drink Market

Carbonated water is making a splash as sugary drinks are ditched for healthier options with Instagram-ready packaging

Advertising Japanese Campaign Transforms People's Voices Into Unique Chocolates

An NTT Docomo campaign turned the vibrations and pitch of a voice message into a chocolate design, to be discovered by the recipient

Automotive Students Build A Sustainable Car Using Sugar Beets And Flax

Students in the Netherlands were able to create a vehicle body using sustainable bioplastics

Food & Beverage KIND Highlights How Much Sugar Kids Eat In Times Square Art Installation

KIND creates sugar statues of children to highlight how much added sugar they consume

Design Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Fitness & Sport Exercise Class Focuses On Working Out Your Jaw Muscles

Cadbury is promoting its newest chocolate flavor with a special exercise class at a London gym

Technology Contact Lens Helps Diabetic Patients Check Their Blood Sugar

The device being developed at Oregon State University can inform the wearer if their blood sugar is beginning to run low