Advertising Dior Instagram Followers Can Sport Its Accessories In Augmented Reality

The designer recently launched an AR filter on its Instagram Stories account that allows followers to virtually try on sunglasses and headbands, increasing brand accessibility for key digital-first demographics

Fashion & Apparel Snapchat's Updated Spectacles Offer Wearers Polarized And Prescription Options

The social platform's latest Spectacle model aims to offer wearers both functionality and style, incorporating new design features to enhance the user experience of capturing and sharing images

Entertainment Interview: Second Life's Creator On How Virtual Reality Can Help Foster Genuine Connection

In this interview, co-founder of High Fidelity Philip Rosedale discusses how his blockchain-based virtual reality platform enables new and improved ways for people to not only socialize but also genuinely connect, harboring the potential to improve how people and communities around the world relate to one another

Design Snap Tries To Blend Online And IRL With Updated Glasses

The company's hands-free camera wearable has been revamped in accordance with user demands, boasting a new-and-improved waterproof design just in time for summer

Design These Inconspicuous Sunglasses Shoot Video Straight To Social Media

ACTON, best known for its electric skateboards, is introducing eyewear that lets users record video and snap photos

Children These Customizable Eyeglasses Let Kids Create Their Own Pair

Kids can now enjoy wearing style-driven eyewear for which they can choose the designs and mix and match whenever they please

Retail Fully Modular Sunglasses Change To Match Your Outfits

The Nogs can be reconfigured as easily as you would change an outfit with fully customizable frames and lenses

Health Warby Parker's Prescription Checker Lets Buyers Skip A Trip To The Eye Doctor

The eyewear brand is developing an app that will determine if there have been any changes in your prescription before ordering a new pair of glasses

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Visa's New Glasses Can Make Payments At Stores

The credit card company has developed prototype sunglasses which can be used to pay at any store that takes cards

Technology Service Creates Bespoke Prescription Lenses For Snapchat Spectacles

For as little as $29, has created a new offering that lets wearers of the video glasses see clearly

Consumer Goods Hybrid Sunglasses Can Vibrate Music Through Your Skull

Zungle has designed a pair of stylish eyewear that uses bone conduction to play music

Fitness & Sport Oakley And Intel's Sunglasses Give You A Built-In Personal Trainer Wherever You Go

The sunglasses/earbuds hybrid tracks your performance and lets you know how well your workouts are going

Retail Neiman Marcus' High-Tech Sunglasses Mirror Helps Customers Find The Best Pair

The device lets you see how the glasses look on you from every angle before making a purchase

Fashion & Apparel The Best In Wearable Tech From The Rio Olympics

PSFK rounds out the Rio Games with our picks for the best gadgets and devices used to track performance