Food & Beverage ShopRite's Community-Based Store Concept Offers On-Site Cooking Classes

Prioritizing convenience and improved in-store offerings, the grocery chain invests in customer education, prepared foods and community spaces

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Apricart Personalizes And Streamlines The Grocery Shopping Experience

The startup's digitally integrated shopping cart leverages in-store analytics on path-to-purchase data to the benefit of consumer and retailer alike, personalizing the experience as well as eliminating checkout

Loyalty & Membership Belgian Supermarket Will Fill Shoppers' Google Assistant-Dictated Lists

Colruyt grocery stores will allow shoppers to create and send lists for filling by voice via an app integrated with Google Assistant

Automotive How Retailers In China Are Enabling Faster On-Demand Grocery Ordering And Delivery

As detailed in PSFK’s China Debrief, grocery retailers in the forward-looking country are experimenting with interactive technology both inside the store and on-the-go to enable shopping experiences that are faster and more intuitive than ever

Merchandising & Curation Hy-Vee Points Grocery Shoppers To Discounted, Soon-To-Expire Foods

The supermarket chain is implementing an in-store mobile app that marries reduction of wasted food with lower costs for customers

Store Experience & Design Supermarket Chain Implements Real-Time Audio Guide To Support Visually Impaired Shoppers

Joining the wave of grocers making their store experience more inclusive, an Israeli supermarket is utilizing a location-based app to provide low-vision or blind customers with a shopping guide

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Supermarket Provides Community With In-House Wellness And Event Spaces

North Market, recently opened in the Webber Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, features local produce, a pharmacy and a focus on health and wellness, bringing healthy living to a former food desert

Delivery & Logistics Kroger's Home-Delivery System To Implement Driverless Vehicles

A self-driving vehicle will now deliver groceries directly to shoppers' front doors, helping cut costs for Kroger as well as streamlining the service for customers

Health Supermarket Tailors Store Experience For Elderly Shoppers

French chain Intermarché is creating a supermarket specifically for older clientele, with in-store services like nutrition advice and assisted shopping that cater directly to their needs

Retail Aldi Makes Things Cheaper For Cash-Strapped Weddings With Online Wine Guide

The discount supermarket chain wants to make wedding planning easier and more affordable with an online wine shopping hub

Retail Berlin Supermarket Will Only Sell Products From Startups

KaDeTe is a supermarket concept that allows consumers to try new products while providing young brands with market research

Cafe & Restaurant Toronto Supermarket Combines Dining, Entertainment And VR

Nations Experience is a new supermarket in Toronto that also includes a large entertainment center for families

Delivery & Logistics This Meal-Kit Service Found Its Future In Grocery Stores

Plated, which was recently acquired by Albertsons Companies, thinks standalone meal-kit startups will be out of business by 2020

Transactions & Payments Tesco Is Experimenting With Checkout-Free Stores And Meal Kits

Tesco is developing the new services based on the idea that for brick-and-mortar stores to stay alive, service offerings need to expand