Fashion & Apparel Kroger Offers Shoppers In-House Clothing Brand To Differentiate And Enhance Its Grocery Aisles

The supermarket chain launched Dip, its own apparel collection that aims to take the guesswork out of dressing for consumers, upping Kroger's mix of exclusive merchandise in the highly competitive grocery sector

Delivery & Logistics Low-Cost Meal Boxes Educate Consumers On Food Waste

Flashfood has created a program that diverts food from landfills into affordable subscription boxes, now with support from Tyson

Food & Beverage Tesco's Reusable Grocery Bag Contains A Hidden Discount For Shoppers

The supermarket chain designed a sustainable shopping bag that includes a discount code to incentivize customers to reduce plastic waste

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Supermarket Is Developing An App To Map Out Your Shopping

A grocery store in the Netherlands testing out a new wayfinding app that will determine the best route through a shopping list

Retail Amazon And Monoprix Partner To Grow Grocery Delivery In France

In a significant move for European retail, the partnership lets customers in Paris utilize Amazon's Prime Now service to have groceries delivered

Technology Supermarket's Blockchain Tracks Each Stage Of Chicken Production

French supermarket chain Carrefour is applying the secure technology to demonstrate 100% transparency with its food products

Packaging & Product Engagement A Plastic-Free Supermarket Aisle Has Opened In Amsterdam

Ekoplaza highlights over 700 products packaged in sustainable alternatives like glass and biomaterials, for the same price as plastic-wrapped counterparts

Shopper Marketing & Promotions AI Shopping Carts Could Do Away With Check-Out Lines

A smart shopping cart enabled with AI and computer vision automatically charges customers for the items placed inside

Transactions & Payments Adobe's New Tech Can Track Shoppers In A Store In Real Time

The software company's new technology aims to make the supermarket experience more convenient for both customers and management

Cafe & Restaurant Kroger Moves Into Dining With A Concept Restaurant Next To Its Store

The grocery chain opened its first restaurant, Kitchen 1883, next to one of its stores

Food & Beverage RFID Tool Helps People Find Cold Beverages

Cool&Go gives consumers RFID-based information about the temperatures of nearby products

Wellness Wellness Specialists Walk Store Aisles To Help Customers Make Healthier Choices

Newly hired specialists at Raley's supermarkets mark one of many programs the company has undertaken to promote wellness and sustainability

Retail Tesco Introduces One-Hour Delivery In London To Combat Competition

Londoners using a new app will be able to receive groceries from the supermarket chain within an hour

Advertising French Supermarket Uses Snapchat To Prove How Fresh Their Fish Is

The supermarket chain U partnered with TBWA Paris for a campaign that takes advantage of Snapchat's 24-hour limit on Stories