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Delivery & Logistics Retail Trends Playbook Excerpt: Making The Case For A Data-First Retail Strategy

As detailed in PSFK & Microsoft's 2020 Retail Trends Playbook, these three key trends explain the benefits of investing in a data-rich infrastructure and how retailers can best implement it

Food & Beverage Square Roots App Adds Transparency To Produce Shopping

This company is creating a special timeline that will let customers know where their greens have been before they hit the table

Video Last-Mile Delivery Debrief Webinar Video

In our latest webinar, PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Strategist Conner Dial  explore how innovative brands and retailers are eliminating time-consuming supply chain hierarchies, consolidating communication and inventory across channels and leveraging data-enabled technologies

Fashion & Apparel H&M's Blockchain-Enabled Tag Lets Customers Track Clothing Origin

In response to increasing consumer demand for production transparency, the retailer's Arket brand is testing out a product tag customers can scan with their phone to access its origin information

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket High-End Restaurant Supplier Offers London Shoppers Quality Produce

Natoora created a store space to highlight high-quality produce and natural products, responding to consumer demand for transparency and reliability with fresh food

Retail How Brands Like Gap Automate Supply Chains For Greater Efficiency

To keep up with vertically integrated competitors in the DTC space, established brands from Walmart to Kroger are re-evaluating supply chain technology and implementing automation to cut costs and better use employee time

Retail PSFK's Roadmap To DTC Success: The Future of Retail 2019 Report

Our flagship Future of Retail 2019 report unpacks the DTC opportunity by examining key trends and presents strategies that all brands and retailers can implement in order to own the entire retail life cycle

Merchandising & Curation Costco Tests Supply Chain Concept By Bringing Poultry Production In-House

The unprecedented move aims to keep the store's low prices stable and has the potential to influence other retailers and the industry at large

Delivery & Logistics FedEx Simplifies How Merchants Process Returns

FedEx’s new technology is aimed at helping merchants address one of the most important factors in keeping customers happy: easy returns and refunds

Health SmartLabel Gives Consumers Easy Access To Food Product Details

Shoppers can scan the QR code of items bearing these new labels to access detailed information about their food, empowering consumers to make better-informed decisions regarding their purchases

Packaging & Product Engagement Forensic Tagging Will Allow Brands And Consumers To Verify Product Authenticity

With the ability to embed tags into raw materials (not just on packaging), everyone along the supply chain can expect greater peace of mind

Consumer Goods How IoT Is Enabling A New Era Of Transparent Sourcing

Embedded IoT sensors give suppliers and customers a complete end-to-end view of the supply chain

Technology How IoT Can Prevent Manufacturing Problems Before They Occur

Manufacturers are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enable better safety protocols and quicker fixes to maintenance issues

Food & Beverage Supermarket's Blockchain Tracks Each Stage Of Chicken Production

French supermarket chain Carrefour is applying the secure technology to demonstrate 100% transparency with its food products