Fitness & Sport Samsung Is Using AR To Help Beachgoers Stay Safe

Pocket Patrol utilizes a phone's camera to promote beach safety and educate people about hidden hazards

Advertising Refresh Your Professional Mindset With an Entrepreneurial Escape

PSFK's Nomad Class Debrief spotlights three productivity-centered trips designed to inspire a healthy work/life balance

Design Hang Ten, Or With Like-Minded Wave Enthusiasts, On Social Network for Surfers

Tap your phone against a surfboard to see where it's been, what kind of waves it's stood up against, and its construction details

Design A Multi-Surface Board for Skate, Surf and Snow

Seasons sports board can be adapted to its environment

Gaming & Play BMW Motorcycle Concept Gets You to Hidden Surf Spots

The Concept Path 22 brings customization and beach culture to the motorcycle community

Retail PSFK'S Top 5 Stories Of The Week

Surfing waves of trash, how brands design customer experiences of the future and a vending machine that gives out free beer.

Innovation E-Ink Watch Is Less Than 1MM Thick

This stainless steal timepiece is the next step in the future of wearable technology.

Luxury Fisker Announces Electric Sports Car/Station Wagon Crossover

Fisker introduced the world's first electric sports car/station wagon crossover at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Innovation Inflatable Wetsuit Pushes Limit For Rideable Waves

An CO2 powered inflatable life vest designed for surfing minimized times spent underwater after falls.

Advertising Nike 6.0 Concept Combines Surfing With Environmental Protection

A new concept from the sports brand aims to both educate and entertain surfing enthusiasts and create a social experience around a coastal surf competition.

Luxury Chanel To Design Luxury Surfboards

chanel_surfboard Though the luxury market has been in a slump as of late, Chanel has picked up on people's need to exercise during troubling times with the launch of a designer surf board series.