Advertising Australian Skate Shop Gives Customers A Discount For Injuries

The retailer is offering a $20 discount to consumers who show off their scars

Design A Look Into Branding The New York Women's Surf Film Festival

A celebration of female surfers and filmmakers comes to life through retro-inspired visuals

Automotive Jaguar Land Rover Is Recycling Car Parts Into Surfboards

The 'Waste to Wave’ surfboard was created using recycled plastic left over from early design models

Fitness & Sport Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser Provides On-The-Go Protection

Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

Technology Surfboard Displays Wave Condition Tips And Tweets

This prototype from Samsung helps surfers stay connected, even while out at sea

Innovation Hang Ten, Or With Like-Minded Wave Enthusiasts, On Social Network for Surfers

Tap your phone against a surfboard to see where it's been, what kind of waves it's stood up against, and its construction details

Hazmat Suits, the Dystopian Future of Surf Fashion

"Hazmat Surfing" photo series features surfers in hazmat suits, calling attention to ocean pollution

Work World's First 100% Agave Surfboard Could Mark Industry Change

Sustainable, rideable, and beautiful, the handcrafted 100% Agave Project from Gary Linden and Jose Cuervo makes surfing a truly organic experience

Innovation Wearable Tech Device Aimed at Amping Up the Surf Experience

The Glassy Pro One is a waterproof smartwatch that allows surfers to stay connected and track progress while enjoying the swells

Luxury $1.3 Million Wooden Surfboard Rides Waves At 35MPH

Roy Stuart's Rampant 10'6" surfboard uses advanced hydrodynamics to amplify the surfing experience.

Advertising Aquatic Hoverboard Takes Surfers To The Skies

After years of teases, French thrill-seeker Franky Zapata invents a water-jet-powered stunt board.

Home Surfing Trash-Filled Waves In Indonesia

Pictures of contaminated waters by idilic beaches drive home the enormity of ocean pollution.

Design Amphibious Skateboard Transforms Easily Into A Surfboard [Pics]

Waveskate is a 5-foot board with a mounting system that allows the rider to easily install or remove the bottom wheels.

Technology Wave Forecast Tells Surfers Where To Catch The Best Swells

Pascal van der Haar designed the 'Google Swell' concept as a website that provides a simple and functional forecast for surfers.