Sustainable Farming

Food & Beverage Drones Are Saving the California Wine Industry

West coast winemakers get creative in how they grow water-intensive crops

Design Aquaponic Farm Powered By Car Exhaust [Video]

Hyundai's ix35 Fuel Cell powered an aquaponic farm, filtering car water vapor into a fish tank. The fish waste is then used to grow veg.

Home Community Garden Lets Users Virtually Tend For Real Crops

Abbey Parks Farms will plant, grow and harvest crops on their land that people buy and manage virtually through iGrow.

Advertising Chipotle Ad Depicts The Terrifying Future Of Food Production [Video]

Fast-food chain creates an evocative video to suggest a more natural alternative to how we process our food.

Innovation SABMiller Adopts Sustainable Farming & Makes Beer More Affordable In Africa

Beer brewed from cassava root provides a better alternative for farmers in Mozambique.

Advertising Chipotle Mexican Grill And Willie Nelson Advocate Sustainable Farming [Video]

The music legend's teams up with the fast food giant to create an animated film that teaches the world the value of sustainable farming.

Home Super Vegetable Gardens Provides Sustainable Farming In Senegal

Super Vegetable Gardens aims to help small-scale farmers throughout Senegal and in tropical areas around the world by tackling food security, poverty and climate change.

Innovation (Pic) Green Eating + Michelin Stars = The New Dining Standard ?

We were intrigued by this group of stickers inside the front window of a restaurant in SOHO in New York yesterday.