SVA 2016

Advertising Great Branding Is A Lighthouse For Everything Your Business Does

Business Developer and Marketing Expert Lauren Vellek on cutting through the usual marketing noise and reaching consumers in an authentic way

Advertising Why Strong Brands Are More Than Ideas Alone—They Need To Be Rooted In Product

Branding and Design Expert Lauren Millar on why developing a brand's visual identity all starts with a deep understanding of what makes it tick

Beauty Understanding The Impact Brands And Brand Experiences Can Have On Women’s Lives

Art Director and Designer Marla Stough on why personal branding is far from fully mature, and the value beauty brands can gain by actively listening

Design How To Create Brand Equity And Solidarity Using The Power Of Design

Graphic Designer Charles Draper on how brands are like JPEG files, and how to avoid falling into the trap of creating ‘design for the sake of design’

How Storytelling Is A 35,000-Year-Old Tool We Still Use To Build Relationships

Director & Producer Ryan Beickert on why branded content isn’t just a trend in the industry but an evolution of advertising altogether

Advertising A Compelling Brand Purpose Is Never Born In The Boardroom

Strategist and Designer Anna-Rae Morris and SVA alumnus shares why she believes all brands exist for a reason, and how Snapchat has upended our behavior