Loyalty & Membership Coffee Brand Lets Customers Exchange Loyalty Points For Cryptocurrency

Lattesso's new coin allows coffee drinkers to earn tokens that can be exchanged for coffee and cash, paving the way as Crypto Valley's first loyalty coin and helping merge cryptocurrency with everyday activities

Advertising Swiss Watchmaker IWC Opens Aviation-Themed Bar

Les Aviateurs has been designed in the style of a gentlemen's club

Food & Beverage Insect Burgers Go On Sale At Swiss Supermarket Chain

At Coop, adventurous eaters have a whole range of insect food products to choose from

Design This Robotic Eel Can Hunt For Water Pollution

The Envirobot robotic eel is equipped with sensors and moves naturally through the surrounding environment

Delivery & Logistics Switzerland Is Deploying A Fleet Of Medical Delivery Drones

A new drone delivery network from Matternet is being implemented in Switzerland to transport urgently needed medical supplies between hospitals

Advertising Designer Creates Miniature Works Of Art Out Of Trail Markers

To promote the natural beauty of Graubünden, the town sought the help of a local artist to create mini-masterpieces that would serve as trail markings for hikers

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Swiss Supermarket Chain Offers A New Line Of Insect Products

Coop will now carry two new bug-based products, and will promote them with special dinners and cooking classes

Home A Group Of Students Are Exploring The Future Of Cubicle Living

Using office an office design staple from the 60s, students are exploring new ways to compartmentalize life

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Picturesque Swiss Village Bans Visitors From Taking Photographs

To combat the fear of missing out, a ski resort in Switzerland will fine visitors for photographing its charming landscape

Automotive This Delivery Robot Is Helping Small Businesses Wage War On E-Commerce Giants

Swiss startup Teletretail AG is developing an on-road, two-wheeled automated delivery robot for both cities and suburbs

Design Each Of These Lamps Is Modeled After A Type Of Pollen

An art team from the Zurich University of Arts turned six different pollen structures into 3D lamps with a color-changing light inside

Technology Swiss Hospitals Are Using Drones To Make Crucial Deliveries

A pair of hospitals in Switzerland have exchanged medical samples with one another using drones

Wellness Edible Robots May Soon Be Revolutionizing Medicine

Researchers from Switzerland developed a fully digestible actuator

Gaming & Play This Videogame's Difficulty Comes From The Controller

Incontroller is an experimental game where players have to master a complicated series of moving switches