Work Artist with Entangled Senses Paints Musical Explosions

Melissa McCracken creates artwork based on how she sees songs—a unique perspective she has due to a sensory phenomenon

Design A Multisensory Dining Experience At Dutch Design Week

STIMULI leverages the psychological phenomenon of synesthesia to create unexpected taste sensations.

London Subway Map Replaces Station Names With Flavors From That Area

James Wannerton created a Tube map that represents how every stop name tastes to him.

Retail Famous Perfumer Uses Rare Neurological 'Gift' To Create New Scents

The perfumer creates customized artworks for his packages inspired by his synesthesia -- the ability to see music as colors.

Design Gaga And Björk's Clothings Designer Envisions Garments Made From Smoke

Iris van Herpen creates artistic garments, taking inspiration from mummification, synesthesia and microscopic organisms.

Technology Making Music With Photos

Photosounder is a software package that processes image data as sound values.

Technology The Future of Our Senses, More and Better

Synesthesia is the neurological phenomenon where stimulating one sense triggers a response in another, resulting in experiences like tasting scents or seeing sounds.