Design Wearable Magazines Hide Stories Underneath

Readers can now invest in threads that tell a tale beyond their supply line

Home Turn Social Images into T-Shirts with New iPhone App

SeeMe app turns photos into t-shirts in seconds and ships them to your home

Innovation 3D-Printing Loom Envisions A Wardrobe That Can Be Produced At Home

Electroloom could be helping you spin your own threads sooner than you think.

Retail 3D Heat Maps Promise The Perfect T-Shirt Fit [Video]

3D technology revolutionizes the way men's clothing is measured and created.

Design Vending Machine Exchanges Plastic Bottles For T-Shirts

During New York Fashion Week, Plastics Make it Possible partnered with designer Allison Parris to dispense clothes made of recycled material.

Advertising Simon King: How I'm Reinventing The T-Shirt

PSFK collaborator looks to design a new wardrobe for the 21st century.

Technology 'Sports Drink' Whiskey Has Added Vitamins And Electrolytes

Thompson Punke has designed a one-off promotional product for the brand to promote its range of ping-pong tees.

Technology T-Shirts Display The Entire Text Of Favorite Novels [Pics]

Litographs is a company that designs unique posters and t-shirts featuring words from a piece of literature.

Retail Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Collaborate For Political Line At Urban Outfitters

The newly-launched exclusive ‘Indecision 2012’ collection features various election-inspired clothing and merchandise.

Design adidas Introduces T-Shirts Made Without Water

A typical t-shirt takes 25 liters of water to dye, but adidas has introduced 'DryDye'; a new process that uses no water, 50% less energy, and 50% fewer chemicals.

Syndicated An Art Project With Laundry Lines & The Bike Kitchen [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares a presentation about a self-help cycle garage.

Design Fashion Designer Silkscreens Concrete And Plywood On T-Shirts [Video]

Italian designer Sangue photographs the shape of a T-shirt on various surfaces and prints them to create realistic-looking designs.

Design T-Shirts That Can Charge Mobile Devices

Researchers from the University of South Carolina have developed a cotton T-shirt that can be used as a flexible energy storage device.

Advertising Scan A T-Shirt To Register To Vote

Shirts with embedded QR codes turn wearers into hotspots to promote Election Day.