table tennis

Gaming & Play Art Installation Uses Ping Pong As A Medium To Control Music

The platform adds a challenge to the game by making players set and keep up with the tempo

Design Elegant Ping Pong Table Doubles As A Dining Table [Pics]

The Pingtuated Equilibripong table is made from exotic wood and reclaimed materials.

Advertising Fred Perry Supports Working-Class Young Athletes In Urban Ping Pong Tournament

Popular tennis clothing line targets young table tennis players from the grassroots as tribute to their humble heritage.

Advertising Fashion Show As Ping Pong Battle [Video]

A well dressed Korean table tennis champion, actress and former model Sooyeon Lee plays herself in a film by Matthew Donaldson.

Home Concrete Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Soon To Adorn NYC Parks

Parks in New York City are gradually serving as homes to these concrete outdoor Ping Pong tables designed by HENGE.

Obama Plays Ping Pong With UK's Cameron [Headlines]

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron might have big issues to confront – but for a brief moment on Tuesday, they put all that aside for a game of table tennis.

Technology Mini Robot Helicopters Play Ping Pong Midair [Video]

Zurich-based Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control researchers released an impressive video demonstration showing a pair of their quadracopter robots tossing balls back and forth to each other inside the ETH Flying Machine Arena.