Design Coffee Table Designs Incorporate Elements of Math and Science

Maurie Novak's Prism bewilders the senses with an elaborate rainbow of color

Design Origami-Inspired Magnetic Furniture Snaps Into Place [Pics]

The Playtime Collection is made out of layers of wooden triangles that lay flat when unfolded and join together with magnets and clips.

Design Furniture Collection Inspired By The Wooly Mammoth [Pics]

Haas brothers use the various physical aspects of the now extinct creature to influence a line of pieces.

Home Functional Furniture Set Doubles As A Greenhouse

'Furnibloom' plexiglass table and stools double as transparent portable greenhouses to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Advertising Concrete Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Soon To Adorn NYC Parks

Parks in New York City are gradually serving as homes to these concrete outdoor Ping Pong tables designed by HENGE.

Design (Pics) Lo-tech Tables Held Together By Fabric

Designer Gonçalo Campos's Esa uses a simple but effective method to fasten his furniture.