Brand Activation & Immersion Google Opens Pop-up "Hardware Stores" Promoting Latest Digital Devices

Google's New York and Chicago pop-up locations look to compete against Apple for holiday season sales, debuting the latest technology in old-school aesthetics

Fashion & Apparel Las Vegas DSW Shoppers Can Order From Tablet-Controlled Shoe Elevator

Hoping to elevate its brick-and-mortar experience, the footwear brand's store on the strip features a shoe vending machine, video tunnel, arcade game and more

Home Real Estate Company Is Incorporating AI Into The Touring Experience

Bay Area company Zenplace is incorporating "Zenny," a robot aimed at making the home viewing and purchasing experience much easier

Design Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile For The Visually Impaired

Researchers in Switzerland have come up with a tablet with magnetic pins for users to feel where they are on a map and where they need to go

Design Create Realistic Oil Paintings On A Tablet

Researchers have developed an app that simulates physical fluidity and lighting orientation

Technology Tablet Uploads Digital Sketches In Real Time

The Slate from iSKN gives artists the feeling of hand-drawn pieces with the convenience of digital manipulation

Entertainment Nintendo's New Console Pushes For Portable Gaming

The Switch allows gamers to seamlessly play on the go by themselves or with friends

Technology Alexa Rediscovers Its Roots As A Touchscreen Intercom

Nucleus can manage grocery lists, check the weather and play music via voice commands

Health This Tablet Can Help Make Post-Diagnosis Decisions

The SIMBA Decision Aid was created to help breast cancer survivors determine next steps for a check-up plan

Luxury 3 Ways Nomads Are Staying Connected and Productive Wherever They Go

Exploring the technologies that bring portable productivity to traveling creatives

Design This Samsung Holiday Piano is Made Out of 112 Tablets

A festive approach to tooting one's product horn

Home Kick Back With Your New Favorite Picture Book: Airbnb

"A glimpse into the future of the Airbnb app" with Head of Design, Alex Schleifer

Work Adobe Releases New Pen and Ruler Combo for iPads

The new hybrid product will turn tablets into professional tools for creatives

Technology Happy Binging with Lenovo Tablet’s Built-In Projector

The tech brand beats out Apple, other manufacturers, to bring integrated projector to market