Technology Designing a Tamagotchi-Inspired App for the Apple Watch

TANK & BEAR developed a virtual health Apple Watch app that will fill your nostalgic digital pet void

Innovation Pedometer Feeds Virtual Pet With Every Step

The Wokamon is a new take on the Tamagotchi that turns workouts into food, energy and happiness for pet aliens.

Advertising Tamagotchi Makes A Comeback As A Mobile App

The popular 90s game returns to smartphones.

Design Tamagotchi-Type Pet Teaches Kids How To Make Sourdough Bread

A research team are developing a toy that is meant to be cared for and nurtured to cultivate yeast in order to produce homemade bread and teach kids about sustainability.

Gaming & Play Cities' Tamagotchi Trees Would Game The Urban Environment

Massive real-world multi-player experience aims to bring climate change back into the public's conversation.

Design A Piggy Bank For The Digital Generation

This concept device is a curious hybrid of tamagotchi meets rainy day saving scheme, and is driven by an even more curious back end of hardware.

Technology Tardigotchi: A Real And Virtual Pet In One

A hybrid that merges biological and artificial life into a single entity.