targeted advertising

Advertising Giant London Billboard Tracks Cars To Target Ads

The large billboard will have a series of cameras inside of it designed to recognize the model and color of vehicles going by

Syndicated Ed Cotton: Facebook's Firehose Of Brand Data

Making sense of the enormous amount of data and branding potential on Facebook.

Advertising TV Industry Starts Taking Notice Of Older Viewers

Advertisers and program makers are slowly starting to realize that an older audience is worth targeting.

Home P&G's Coupon Copy Fail

What happens when a coupon book full of ad copy and images aimed at middle-American stay-at-home moms ends up in the mailbox of a Brooklyn feminist vegan cooking collective?

Retail Psychological Surveys Help Advertisers Target Your Personality Type

The Mindset Media company determines consumers attributes and predicts what ads will interest them.

Design Vending Machines That Guess Your Age and Sex

This targeted marketing technology offers a more personalized experience using a variety of local data.