Tate Modern

Brand Activation & Immersion London Exhibition Asks Visitors To Consider Their Impact on Climate

Almost 40 of Olafur Eliasson's works have been gathered in his latest exhibition, allowing guests to interact with recreated environments

Design Video Explores Complex Museum Architecture

A mini video gives a quick overview of the most beautiful cultural buildings built

Advertising The Tate Modern's 'Time Machine' Promotes Its Newest Expansion

The digital experience shows users how art has been shaped by history

Design Escher-Inspired Staircase Leads Londoners To The Sky

The Endless Stair installation will be placed in the grounds of the Tate Modern during the London Design Festival.

Features A Look Back On The Life Of Roy Lichtenstein

Artist's signature blend of elevated and popular brought comic book aesthetics into the world of high art.

Work Tate Modern Hosts Live Art In Upcycled Oil Tanks

Unique underground space permanently devoted to moving performances and installations.

Technology Twitter-Powered Art Lets Gallery Goers Create The Work In Real-Time

A digital installation at the Tate Modern in London called 'The Hello Cube' used Twitter commands to trigger projected animations.

Advertising Tate Modern Puts 121 Years Of Art History In The Palm Of Your Hand

The British art museum releases an innovative iPhone game to educate patrons and enthusiasts about art history and build a new and informed audience.

Work 13 Metre Tall Film Installation At The Tate Modern

A British artist will have her film displayed on a large concrete slab at the UK museum.

Luxury Our Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence

A couple of weeks ago, the Anhangabaú valley, one of São Paulo’s landmark, hosted O Estrangeiro, a performance that brought together the local street art duo osgemeos and the French street theatre company Plasticiens Volants.