Fashion & Apparel Neiman Marcus Shakes Up High-End Image With In-Store Art And Tattoos

The retailer is bringing artists into stores for catered services and customized clothing to attract new clientele

Advertising Coca-Cola Pop-Up Gives Senior Citizens Free Tattoos

With rapper Professor Green, the brand opened a pop-up tattoo parlor in London to offer the elderly a free chance to get their own ink

Automotive Motorcycle Company Created Tattoo Ink Using One Of Its Bikes

The company, Indian Motorcycle, made just one batch of the limited edition ink from a racing star's burnout residue

Design Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Design Temporary Tattoo Line Offers A Range Of Scents For Your Body

Tattly partnered with Agilex Fragrances on new collection of designs called Arm Candy

Temporary Tattoos Bring Dutch Masterpieces To Life

A partnership between Tattly and The National Gallery Of Art in Washington brings fine art to your skin

Technology Temporary Tattoos Turn Your Skin Into A Mousepad

MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have collaborated to create on-skin electronics that transform your body into an interface

Food & Beverage Temporary Tattoo Will Warn You If You've Had Too Much To Drink

The marking measures alcohol in a person's sweat and provides a BAC reading to a Bluetooth-connected phone

Mixed Media Pieces Created by Tattoo Artists Explores Human Consciousness

Expanded Eye focuses on the cosmos and human nature in complex pieces

Retail Think Before You Ink With This Augmented Reality App

InkHunter is an AR app that helps you make tattoo decisions

Luxury Instagram Selfies Decorate your Body As Temporary Tattoos

Photo-sharing service migrates your photos from the cloud to your cutis

Video A Wearable, Embedded Tattoo Concept, Designed to Make Life Easier

An interview with the designers at NewDealDesign, the team behind Fitbit, on the future of wearables

Work A Wearable, Embedded Tattoo Concept, Designed to Make Life Easier

An interview with the designers of Fitbit, NewDealDesign, on the future of wearables

App Allows Breast Cancer Survivors to Try on Potential Tattoos

Inkspirations arrives in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help survivors find the perfect artwork, artist