Analysis How TurboTax Is Rebranding To Meet The Demands Of Millennials—While Keeping Existing Customers Happy

Taking millennial consumer trends and needs into account, personal finance platform TurboTax has revamped the brand’s design and expanded its service offerings

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An app creates a digital archive for filing taxes using cloud storage

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There truly is a beer for all occasions as CPA IPA proves

Work 13 Stories You Need To Know Today

IRS to check your social media, teens less interested in social media and iPhone becomes biometric reader...links to start your day with.

Advertising Reverse Psychology Ads Save Library By Proposing Book Burning Party

The Troy Public Library was set to close if taxpayers didn't approve a 0.7% tax increase; agency Leo Burnett created a mystery political group to incite voters to action with a fake book destruction campaign.

Innovation Homegrown Tobacco In Brooklyn

As taxes increase and more anti-smoking laws are created, one smoker in Brooklyn has decided to make her own cigarettes.

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An official government website allows citizens to see where their money goes.

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A small tax increase on cigarettes brings into question the sneaky tactics of Japanese tobacco companies.