Video Connecting Your Best Associates With Customers Across Omnichannel Retail

Watch Hero’s Founder speak at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference on how to provide a human layer across digital shopping experiences

Video How To Be A Brand That Audiences Love

Betaworks creative director James Cooper says that brands that act as builders can succeed by attracting like-minded audiences

Technology Apple's Latest Safari Upgrades Cater To Users Looking To Curb Ad-Tracking

Apple's updates include cookie warnings and a push back against device fingerprinting, helping protect users' data and giving them more control over who can access their information

Advertising Google Created An AI-Powered Mini Golf Course To Promote Its Home Speakers

Google's mini golf pop-up lets players interact with its voice assistant, enhancing the put-put experience while demonstrating the tech giant's connected-home prowess

Advertising Time Magazine Created A Floating Cover Composed Of 958 Drones

For its most recent issue, the magazine steered clear of traditional paper stock and glossy photo sets, instead using Intel tech to feature a story about UAVs with a hovering array of light-show UAVs, shot by UAVs

Baby Boomers This Smart Home Framework Helps People Better Care For Senior Citizens

The elderly are proving to be a large target for the connected home market at a time when many are disinterested in leaving their homes

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Expedia Is Letting Travelers Check Out Hotel Rooms In Virtual Reality

Get a look at your hotel bedroom without ever leaving your bed

Design Adidas Is Looking To Create The First Mass-Produced, 3D-Printed Shoe

The breakthrough process uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins

Work Google's Code Next Lab Is Trying To Alleviate Tech's Diversity Problem

The Code Next Lab is a space for minority middle school students to learn about tech

Fitness & Sport Companies Can Now Pay Their Employees To Bike To Work

ByCycling is an app meant to help employees stay healthy by incentivizing them towards exercise

AI-Powered 'Egg' Makes Cooking At Home Easier

Smart Egg is a standalone device that plans and helps cooks meals

Automotive Portable Breathalyzer Fits Into A Watch

Soon phones, fitness bands, eyewear and smartwatches could detect if you're too drunk to drive

Technology AI Audio News Service Provides Headlines On The Go

Lstn AI leverages artificial intelligence to condense news headlines into a quick and easy to digest format

Work Tech Job Site Created Just For Those Who Are Older Than 30

A new occupational job board presents a creative solution to age discrimination in the tech world