Your Online Presence Feeds This Automated Knowledge Base

Users can ask Molly questions about people in their network, which are then automatically answered according to data scoured from social media

Advertising Personalized, Lifelike Avatars Reenact The News Differently For Each Viewer

Genies lets users making a digital clone of themselves to share what's going on in their day or in the news they care about

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Fintech Startup Brings Cryptocurrency Trading To Mobile Banking

Revolut wants to lower the bar for entry into the cryptocurrency market with a service that connects digital currency with regular debit

Retail This New Social Network Lets You Like Things By Smiling

Polygram is the latest entry in the social media sphere with a new take on how online interactions manifest: detecting facial reactions

Gaming & Play Retro Pocket Console Recreates The Feel Of A Classic Game Boy

BittBoy is a pocket-sized retro gaming console that takes after the original Game Boy, with over 300 games in its library

Health This At-Home Blood Test Is Trying To Open The Floodgates To The Coveted 'Quantified Self'

Thriva is a home blood test that lets people track a range of internal blood markers associated with good or bad health

Home Apple Stores Will Be Updated With Smart Home Experience Centers

Your neighborhood Apple store may soon be showing off smart home tech

Technology How Taxi Drivers Can Cope with a Driverless Future

With autonomous cars poised to take over, professional drivers will need new skills to earn a living

Innovation 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

The Dalai Lama joins Instagram, Google wants to make a $50 smartphone, TechCrunch is crowdsourcing journalism, and more.

Technology Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Given increased rates of geographic mobility, a startup wants to create mobile postal addresses based on digital IDs.

Design 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon wipes users Kindle accounts, an ad agency develops a Broadway show, and Jay-Z and B. lose the battle to trademark their baby's name...Links to start your day with.

Advertising Facebook Apes Pinterest, Allows Users To Collect Items In A Visual Collage

The social media giant will roll out Collections to let users buy and curate products.

Technology 64% Of Teens Say They Find New Music Through YouTube [Headlines]

Over half of teenagers discover new music through the online music hub.

Technology Gmail Now Has 435 Million Users [Headlines]

Google's announced that its email service is being used by government agencies in 45 states and 66 top universities in the U.S.