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Advertising Should TV Broadcasters Fear The XBox One?

Microsoft is focused on shows and channels over games for its new generation console.

Home Electronic Tattoo Monitors Patient Symptoms Remotely

Scientists have developed a flexible circuit board that can be printed directly on to skin to transmit data back to a doctor.

Design Can Data Overload Can Be Solved By More Technology?

Have we gotten to the point where we must harness technological power for better organization of information?

Gaming & Play Wikipedia's Most Popular Articles Of The Year

From 1 Direction to Fifty Shades of Grey; the Guardian rounds up the online encyclopedia's top ten most viewed pages for 2012.

Syndicated Does This Internet 'Mirror' Know Who You Are?

The National Media Museum's online test uses your social networking and online preferences to establish what sort of person you are.

Innovation Which Phones Would Samsung Have To Stop Selling If Apple Forces Ban?

Graphic shows the impact Apple will make with ban on sales of Samsung phones that infringe its patents.

Technology Judge Frowns On Tech Firms Use Of 'Influencer' Bloggers

Judge from Oracle-Google trial says that the search giant must provide more information about anyone who might have been paid indirectly to comment on the trial.

Luxury Five Reasons Investors May Not Want To Buy Facebook Shares

The sale will likely generate billions, but hidden just beneath the buzz are signs that not all is well for Silicon Valley's star.

Work Instagram: Why Facebook Spent $1 Billion On Still Images Not Video

Is the social network just after another chunk of the world's visual memory, asks Guardian head of photography Roger Tooth.

Syndicated Will People Really Wear Google's Digital Goggles?

We already carry smartphones – do we actually need wearable computers or are they just a fashion faux pas?