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Syndicated Saying Goodbye To The VHS Tape

Last remaining VHS VCR producer will cease manufacturing recorders at the end of this month, bringing the 40-year-long analogue videotape era to an end

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Google makes the money, but Alphabet’s looking to cure aging and build robot butlers

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iShamba is providing farmers in developing countries with advice on agricultural challenges

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Big Tech is an economic powerhouse that could use a history lesson to prevent repeating past mistakes of booming industries.

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As Silicon Valley becomes an important player in government spying programs, there is a growing market for truly secure devices

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How the workspace is being transformed- who really works and who makes the money.

Retail Mobile Wallet Will Trade Data

Weve hopes to compete with Google Wallet by handling shoppers' information differently.

Luxury Could A Tech Boom Save Detroit?

As hi-tech firms spring up in areas better known for destitution and drugs, Detroit may experience some positive economic growth.

Analysis Apple's Tim Cook Is Cleaning Out The Company

The razor-sharp CEO's latest firings are designed to leave no one in any doubt where he stands – or where the buck stops.

Technology Microsoft Surface Debuts To Mixed Reviews

Writers praise the tablet's touchscreen and battery life, but criticise the lack of apps, its poor camera and its slightly heavier weight.

Work Can A Former Google Exec Save Yahoo?

Will giving Marissa Mayer the top job at the flailing tech giant reinvigorate a company that has been drifting for years?

Gaming & Play The UK's Top 20 Startups To Watch

There are more than 3,000 tech firms in east London, employing up to 50,000 people in the digital economy. Here are the companies to keep an eye on.

Features Is Peer-To-Peer Lending The Future Of Banking?

Websites that allow you to lend money to a complete stranger are winning support in the UK and the US. But they don't come without risks.

Advertising Five Reasons Investors May Not Want To Buy Facebook Shares

The sale will likely generate billions, but hidden just beneath the buzz are signs that not all is well for Silicon Valley's star.