TED Talk

Design Designing Better Flags for All

Though ubiquitous symbols of civic pride, flags are usually poorly designed and can take on malicious intent—help PSFK remedy that

Design How Cardboard Is Becoming A Sought-After Design Material [Video]

The famed architect builds emergency shelters out of cardboard tubes and paper, exploring the possibilities of these cost-effective materials.

Decision-Making Handbook Guides Readers Through The Deluge Of Online Data

Noreena Hertz's new book aims to help readers make better decisions.

Technology Cyber Magician Spices Up His TED Talk With Augmented Reality Illusions [Video]

Marco Tempest explores the link between magic, story telling, and digital media in his virtual and physical presentation.

Home Giant 3D Printer Creates A Home In 20 Hours [Video]

Contour Crafting concept technology could change the way we construct buildings.

Advertising TED Uses Hairdressers To Spread Its Conference Ideas In Buenos Aires [Video]

60 barbers and stylists were invited to the latest TEDx event and then chatted to their clients about it, so it reached a much greater audience.

Video New Ridley Scott Movie Features A TED Talk From The Future [Video]

Actor Guy Pearce gives an inspirational speech about why we must create humanoid robots in the new film Prometheus.

Innovation Ted Talk: Alex Steffen On The Shareable Future Of Cities [Video]

The co-founder of Worldchanging.com discusses neighborhood-based green projects.

Technology Kevin Slavin On How Algorithms Shape Our World [Video]

The chairman and co-founder of Area/Code examines the prevalence of algorithms in our day-to-day lives and how they could change our future.

Technology Geoffrey West On The Surprising Math Of Cities And Corporations [Video]

In this TED talk West discusses the idea that complex systems like organisms and cities are governed by simple laws.

Technology Alain de Botton: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy Of Success [Video]

A witty and eloquent TED talk about success and failure.

Work Stefan Sagmeister On Happiness [Video]

Designer Stefan Sagmeister gives a TED talk on happiness featuring short animations and video footage.

Advertising Quantifying Our Daily Life

Gary Wolf talks about measuring his daily routine through numbers.