Brand Activation & Immersion Interview: Perry Ellis Shoppers Can Ask Alexa What To Wear

In an interview with PSFK, Marketing Manager Ally Lee explains why Perry Ellis created a voice-activated skill that provides men with curated, real-time advice that integrates seamlessly with their daily routine, and that, in turn, is helping inform the apparel brand's online and offline store experience

Features How Brands Are Improving Employee Efficiency By Enabling Hybrid Workstreams

Equipping employees with advanced tools, businesses are enabling workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and safely, improving the employee experience while raising workplace productivity

Post Purchase Service & Support Predictive Data Solution Helps Elevator Company Manage Maintenance Issues

The system, called ONE, operates through a network of sensors that capture motion and location information, helping prevent problems before they arise as well as facilitate repairs needed

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Adjusting To The Convenience Needs Of Banking Clients

A scenario from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft, explores how digital access points enhance the customer experience

Design Plastic Bottle Connects To Wi-Fi Without Electronics

Researchers have created a plastic that relates information on a Wi-Fi signal without needing additional electrical equipment

Delivery & Logistics AI-Enabled Smart Headphones Let You Leave Your Phone At Home

The Vinci 2.0 headphones manage calls and tack fitness vitals

Retail Mobile Phone Company Wants To Put An End To Monthly Bills

FreedomPop made it so customers only have to pay for their phone's coverage plan once a year at a fraction of the customer of a traditional plan

Design Artist Shuns Pocketability In Favor Of A Mobile Telephone Booth

Benedetto Bufalino fitted a telephone booth with a set of wheels so he could drive around while taking a phone call

Technology This Rotary Phone Is Actually An Analog Way To Browse The Web

Hear how a browser communicates with a webpage through a rotary phone

Advertising Immigrants Tell Their Stories Through New York City Phone Booths

A new art installation in Times Square uses phone booths to play recordings of immigrants telling their personal stories for visitors

Advertising Change Mobile Carrier By Sending A Breakup Text

A U.K. regulatory agency is rethinking the way customers can speak with and switch mobile providers

Home Home Water System Uses Visualizations To Help People Reduce Waste

Matter believes that data can help curb excess water usage in the home

Health A Former Apple Employee Has Set Out To Create The World's Most Advanced First-Aid Kit

The set from 19Labs provides key medical information when necessary and actively guides users through life-saving procedures

Fashion & Apparel Bracelet Lets Wearers Feel Someone's Touch Over Distance

The wearable device mimics a real human touch with a "gentle squeeze"