Brand Activation & Immersion WeWork And National Geographic Offer Customers Retro Internet Cafe-Themed Spaces

Popular WeWork locations in three U.S. cities will transform their settings to help National Geographic promote its new T.V. mini-series centered around the booming '90s tech movement

Cafe & Restaurant Hyperlocal News App Teams Up With Yelp To Provide Viewers Restaurant Reviews

Local Now is tapping into the website's wealth of content to round out its customized offerings and help users make dining decisions

Merchandising & Curation Samsung's Ambient Mode Makes Televisions Useful When Turned Off

The technology giant aims to fully utilize the downtime of T.V. screens, which home owners can enhance via a mobile app, turning the monitor into a painting, photo slide or even making it blend into the wall

Advertising Netflix Pop-Up Lets Fans Step Into Their Favorite Shows

The streaming platform created an immersive, Instagram-friendly exhibit with backdrops and props from its most popular shows, providing fans with an engaging experience to help promote its content

Entertainment Buzzfeed Wants To Make Scheduled Programming Part Of The Streaming Experience

As a way to attract more viewers for its original TV content, the online media company will stream shows at a scheduled time across all platforms

Entertainment Interactive TV Takes A More Organic Approach To Personalized Content

Viewers will be able to subconsciously determine how Eko's #WarGames series unfolds, based on what captures their attention

Fitness & Sport How Amazon Is Courting British Soccer Fans

A new Amazon Prime documentary series follows the Manchester City soccer team

Food & Beverage Snickers Took Over An Entire British TV Channel

A TV channel called Dave got 'hungry' and started airing shows that were out of character

Packaging & Product Engagement This Upcoming HBO Mini-Series Can Be Explored With An Interactive App

A new show from Steven Soderbergh introduces an iOS app that allows viewers to explore the perspective of each character from the HBO drama

Fashion & Apparel Instantly Buy The Outfits Of Your Favorite TV Characters

Dote has created a new service called 'Shop The Look,' which lets fans buy clothing items as they appear on a TV show

Advertising Netflix Plants Ads For New 'Narcos' Season In Stereotypical 90s Cocaine Spots

Netflix created unique advertisements for the third season of Narcos for fans to find in the bathrooms of clubs and bars

Design IKEA Campaign Lets You Make Your Own Game Of Thrones Cape

The furniture retailer released how-to instructions after it was revealed that the show's costume designer had repurposed IKEA rugs for costumes

Technology A New TV Project Hopes To Give Viewers A Portal Into Outer Space

Sen wants to become the first television network to focus exclusively on gathering and providing viewers with information about space

Children Netflix Now Offers Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Episodes

The media giant is launching interactive storytelling in new episodes of its kids programs