Brand Activation & Immersion Canada Goose Shoppers Can Test Out Parkas In Sub-Zero Fitting Rooms

The premium outerwear brand is outfitting select stores with frigid rooms for customers to try on its products, and encourages social shares of the immersive activation

Health How Optimized Ambience Is Helping To Improve Sleep Quality

From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment

Design Home Appliance Designed For Multiple Purposes, Some Analog

An Italian-made space heater functions as much as furniture for an antidote to our tech-infused homes

Fashion & Apparel App-Connected Jacket Adjusts To All Types Of Weather

Ministry of Supply created the Mercury Jacket with carbon fiber heating elements to heat or cool the wearer based on the ambient temperature

Food & Beverage Interview: How Human Trends Have Migrated To The Pet Business

Petrics CEO Ed Hall discusses how wellness and fitness tracking trends among humans are influencing products and services for pets

Advertising Customers Can Test Their Gear In Woolrich's Extreme Weather Room

The brand's flagship shop in Milan lets shoppers try its outerwear in freezing temperatures

Technology Bluetooth-Enabled Ceramic Mug Keeps Coffee Just How You Like It

Ember has developed a ceramic mug version of their successful travel mug that keeps beverages at just the right temperature

Design Air Conditioning Unit Works Without Electricity, Only Air And Water

Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

Technology Designer 'Melts' Works Of Art To Picture A World Without Air Conditioning

Alper Dostal's digital art imagines what would happen to masterpieces in a museum without climate control

Wellness Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer's Body Heat

This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body

Design Los Angeles Is Testing A Special Paint To Cool Down City Streets

The city of Los Angeles will be testing out a layer of CoolSeal paint on public streets, which cuts down how much heat asphalt absorbs

Home This Air Conditioner Cools The Room Based On Artificial Intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric has announced an air conditioner that comes equipped with AI to set the perfect temperature

Fashion & Apparel Undershirt Heats Up At The Touch Of A Button

The Polar Seal keeps you warm in cold weather without needing to wear multiple layers

Food & Beverage Automatically Brew Tea And Get The Best Results Every Time

Gourmia's tea machine brews a perfect cup from loose-leaf tea and doesn't need monitoring