Advertising PSFK 2017 Conference Interview: How Trends Can Be Harnessed Towards Social Good

We interviewed Just Enough UK CEO and founder Phil Knight, who'll be taking the stage at PSFK 2017, about his educational charity that engages children about modern day slavery and radicalization.

Syndicated How Facebook Plans To Fight Extremism

Speaking at SXSW, Monika Bickert calls for social networks to build ‘counter-speech,' responding to hate speech with broad opposition

Syndicated Why Artificial intelligence Is Ripe For Abuse

Microsoft’s Kate Crawford told SXSW that society must prepare for authoritarian movements to test the ‘power without accountability’ of AI

Luxury Security Vigilante Builds Weapons From Common Items Sold In Airports [Pics]

In reaction to the invasive body scanners in airports, Evan Booth creates dangerous items from goods sold after the security screening.

Gaming & Play Military Uses Model-Train Town To Prepare For Cyber Attacks

The 48 square-foot CyberCity trains government hackers to handle e-terrorist assaults on U.S. infrastructure.

Innovation How Do We Stop Technology From Making Criminals Smarter? [Video]

At TEDGlobal, Marc Goodman argued that technology is scaling for both good and bad and we have to know how to defend ourselves.

Technology Mexico Prosecutes 'Twitter Terrorists'

Two Twitter users are facing 30 years in prison after spreading false panic-inducing news.

Advertising Pentagon Reveals 24,000 Files Stolen In Cyber-Attack [Headlines]

US deputy secretary of defence says cyber-attacks are a new warfare domain that requires different security strategies.