Fashion & Apparel IKEA's Handcrafted Suits Are Made From Its Furniture Textiles

The home furnishing retailer is branching out to clothing with a move that lets people feel at home anywhere by wearing their favorite furniture upholstery

Technology Woven Textiles Are Imprinted With Patterns Taken From Early Computers

Have a digital art pattern printed onto a scarf or a throw blanket

Consumer Goods These Blankets Are Designed To Look Like Abstractions Of City Skyscrapers

The textiles combine two different, strange views of London's Canary Wharf

Fitness & Sport Volcom Transforms Ocean Waste Into Sustainable Swimwear

Volcom is repurposing ocean waste into a new line of sustainably-crafted swimwear

Home Design Your Home Just Like Soho House

An e-commerce venture lets anyone purchase tableware, textiles, accessories and art prints like the ones found in the renowned members-only clubs

Retail Waterproof Hats Designed For Urban Environments

An umbrella for your head: Herschel Supply Co. and GORE-TEX® collaborated on a range of technical caps to keep city-dwellers dry

Technology Self-Healing Material Is Fashioned Out Of Squid Teeth

Penn State researchers have devised a new textile that uses organic proteins

Design Leather-Like Mushroom Material Could Be Used For Shoes And Bags

Italian textile manufacturer Grado Zero Espace has developed a vegetable-based material similar to suede

Sustainable Material From Pineapples Turns Waste Product Into Leather

A textile creates a new industry for pineapple-growing countries and farmers

Retail Herschel Supply's First Trademarked Textile Stretches Its Brand Appeal

This accessories maker is expanding its identity with a high-tensile and luxurious fabric

Design Centuries-Old Craft Making Retaught In Brooklyn

Hands-On Studio teaches local foraging and dyeing, natural skincare and homemade bitters.

Design Color-Changing Fabrics Morphs In Response To Sound Files

This chameleon-like fabric uses heat sensitive technology to react to its environment.

Design Decorative Sound Panels Absorb Noise In Public Spaces

Dezibel from Note Design Studio is a series of sound-absorbing objects that can be placed on the floor to create a more balanced sound level.