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Design 7 Items You Need to Know Today

Square Order app comes in handy, IBM looks to Watson for rejuvenation and what's in store for 3D printing come next year?

Home How The Economist Brought Interactive Visualizations To Their Print Edition

The chart helps readers visualize the murder rate in Honduras, where one man in every 599 was murdered in 2012.

Advertising Does Native Advertising Rely On Misleading Readers?

Do certain types of marketing help a publication better connect a reader with a product, or is it tricking the reader into accepting advertising as fact?

Advertising Magazine Passes Out Hot Potatoes To Symbolize Divisive Issues

The Economist highlights hot button topics with simultaneously real and metaphorical baked spuds.

Technology How Can Philosophy Play A Larger Role In Media Experiences?

Jason Silva's 'The Beginning of Infinity' video series provides a philosophical perspective on the co-evolution of technology and human beings.

LEDs Can Save More Electricity Than Solar Can Produce [Headlines]

Saving energy can be easier and more efficient than producing new renewable energy.

The Big Mac Index

The Economist updates their index, which shows the price of a Big Mac in different countries and the GDP per person.

Advertising Global Advertising Spending In 2011

The Economist offers a forecast for the new year.

Technology George Parker: Whatever Happened To The Paperless Office?

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK

Design The Benefits And Challenges Of Superabundant Information

How do we manage the ever-growing amounts of digital information that are being produced today?