the future of gaming

Advertising Key Trend: Using Gaming To Promote Fundraising

Game experiences are enabling organizations and charities to reach potential donors often connecting in-game actions with micro-donations.

Design Players Achieve Game Milestones In Overcoming Health Related Challenges [Future Of Gaming]

Superbetter is a web-platform for turning health-related challenges into rewarding games which can be supported by friends and family.

Gaming & Play Game Bridges The Virtual-Physical Gap To Teach Real Guitar [Future Of Gaming]

'Rocksmith' is an interactive videogame that allows players to learn real guitar while gaming on-screen.

Technology Key Trend: Using Gaming To Teach People New Skills

Games are helping individuals learn new skills and hone existing techniques. through a combination of repetition and the introduction of increasingly difficult challenges, these platforms ensure mastery, while keeping players engaged over the long term.

Gaming & Play Gaming Mechanics Enhance Math And Literacy Learning For Youth [Future Of Gaming]

DimensionU is a web-based, interactive online platform that challenges students in grades K–12 hone their math and literacy skills through gaming.

Technology Game Tasks Players With Surviving Poverty [Future Of Gaming]

Spent is an online game that places participants in impoverished conditions and asks them to make critical life decisions with access to limited personal finances.

Gaming & Play Key Trend: Using Gaming To Leverage Collective Manpower

Game platforms are being used to engage a community of citizens around the active collection and dissemination of information—statistics, on-the- ground reporting and images—related to social, political, municipal and environmental systems.

Advertising Game Empowers Consumers With The Environmental Impact Of Their Decisions [Future Of Gaming]

Sprout provides consumers with the tools to visualize the power and environmental impact of their decisions.

Advertising Gaming Concept Points The Finger At Climate Deniers [Future Of Gaming]

Climate Trail is a Gaming for Good submission that plays like the classic 'Oregon Trail' but lets players follow the ‘money trail’ tied to the dissemination of false data.

Design Gaming For Good: Concepts To Support The Climate Reality Group

PSFK challenged top creative agencies worldwide to come up with gaming concepts that create awareness about the Climate Reality Project. Here is a shortlist of the top submissions.

Design Interactive Tech Allows Users To Influence Overlayed Projections On Buildings

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of NuFomer, a 3D mapping firm about how they are bringing a layer of interactivity to urban environments.

Gaming & Play Tech Co. Marries Movement And Digital Capture For A Virtual Dodgeball Game

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of The Supertouch Group Sam Ewen, a company bridging the virtual/physical divide utilizing Kinect technology for virtual games played in real life.