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Advertising Interview: How We Can Shape The Future Thoughtfully

Devon Powers, PhD in media, culture and communication, shares insights from her research on the trends industry, futurism and consumer culture ahead of her talk at PSFK's CXI 2018 conference

Retail Old Vending Machines Are Used To Dispense Art Instead Of Cigarettes

An artist launched an initiative to sell pocked-sized pieces in vintage cigarette vending machines to connect more people with art

Home Dutch Renters Can Swap Houses With Each Other Using A Dating App Interface

With HuisjeHuisje, renters living in the Netherlands can match with other renters to see if the two parties would like to swap homes

Food & Beverage Retailer Uses Live Streaming To Bring Personality To Online Shopping

A Dutch cheese shop live streamed its store to add human interaction to online shopping

Design This Bicycle Rack Disappears When No One's Using It

This hidden bicycle rack is designed to save space in crowded city centers

Automotive Students Build A Sustainable Car Using Sugar Beets And Flax

Students in the Netherlands were able to create a vehicle body using sustainable bioplastics

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A New Bicycle Parking Garage In The Netherlands Is The Largest In The World

Bike parking in Utrecht is such an issue, this massive garage might not be big enough

Syndicated Dutch Service Allows Elderly To 'Hack' Traffic Lights

With sensors and smartphones to make roads more flexible, Tilburg is addressing the question: how can a city become safer for less able residents?

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Subscription Service Lets Cyclists Swap Their Bike When It Breaks

A new bicycle service in the Netherlands keeps cyclists going, replacing a stolen or damaged bike within 12 hours

Fashion & Apparel NYCxDesign: Designer Uses Rain To Create One-Of-A-Kind Textiles

The collection drew inspiration from a relative's meticulous weather record-keeping

Design The World's First Translucent Leather Debuts In New Fashion Collection

Translucent leather made from cow hide makes up the new ECCO collection by Sruli Recht

Home Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]

A Dutch design studio wants to bring a smile to people's faces with the help of nature.

Work Inside-Out Tower Hosts Its Closets On Its Exterior [Pics]

Outer storage compartments along Dutch building allow for a more spacious interior.

Design Glowing Crystals Create Interactive Flickering Light Fields

A Dutch design studio has created thousands of flickering crystal tokens that can be rearranged endlessly and prompt participants to think about light outside of the bulb.