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Features Google Bus Drives Straight Through San Francisco Poverty Issue

The California tech industry has had unfortunate side effects on the city – including startup bosses complaining about the homeless.

Syndicated Why Online Privacy Can't Be Saved By Laws

Predictive analytics have made it too easy to piece together information on various subjects despite efforts by the legal system.

Technology Has The NSA Destroyed Our Trust Of The Cloud?

Why the government's activities are inflicting a massive blow on US computer businesses.

Innovation Is Google's Self-Driving Car Too Expensive To Succeed?

The tech giant's innovative autonomous car gets competition from cheaper models.

Retail Should Bitcoins Frighten Banks And Governments?

The virtual currency offers an alternative to a state-sanctioned banking system, which may be making countries and their leadership anxious.

Advertising Do These 5 Men Rule The Internet?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Louis Pouzin and Marc Andreessen win Queen Elizabeth prize for engineering the foundations of today's web.

Home Could Stream Of Consciousness Kill Off Websites?

How do we describe the nature of the internet at the present moment, and will our emphasis on the constant update allow the original model to survive?

Advertising How Obama Beat Romney Using Data

Mastery of the numbers game meant the president's team was able to exploit its database more effectively than Romney, ending up with over $2 billion in donations.

Design Are People Becoming Disenchanted With Twitter?

The social networking service has been accused of flouting its own code of conduct. How is this criticism affecting user sentiment?

Luxury Are Smartphones Damaging Creativity?

The smartphone market is expanding at an astonishing rate, but is it having a negative effect on innovation on the web?

Work Can 3D Printing Make Everything We Need?

The 'magic' of digital manufacturing could transform our homes and the industries that serve them. But at what cost?